Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Newest Addition - Tugg

We are the proud family of a new puppy!!!
I got a "wild hair" (if you wanna call it) concerning my husband's Christmas gift this year.  English Bulldogs are my husband's most absolute favorite breed, always have been and probably always will be.  I also knew that my husband wanted an all white, male puppy (if he could be picky).  While I was online last week I got a pop-up for petfinder or some other pet website and a white bulldog puppy was on the picture, so curious me clicked on it (just to look).  I sent the pic to my husband of the puppy and all I said was "isn't she cute".  He got back to me "yeah, whose is it?"  I just had said "urs, for a whole lot of money"  (I knew she was way out of reach.)  Well later that evening he said to me "when you sent me that text of the puppy my heart dropped, and I thought you got me a puppy for Christmas!"  I didn't mean to lead him on.....but out of the rest of that conversation I realized how much my husband was excited at the thought of that puppy...I knew that I had to try and look into this somemore.  I didn't think so close to Christmas I'd find exactly what he was looking for, but I did.  The next day I looked online for breeders in my state and found some who had puppies available.  I called a few and came across this little guy.  I arragned to "go look" at him on Saturday morning and as soon as I seen him and that he was what my husband wanted - I had to get him.  That afternoon, with a lot of help from my wonderful family, we suprised my hubby with his Christmas gift and he literally had no clue!
We've never owned a puppy before and even when I lived with my parents - we always adopted dogs, so this is new for us. 

Well - that's kind of a lie.  Four years ago my husband and I bought an English Bulldog from a breeder, took him home on Friday, went to church on Sunday and the puppy died in his crate.  The "breeder" came and got the puppy and had an autopsy done on him..to find out he had a heart condition called cardiomyopathy.  This wasn't something the vet could detect at his puppy check ups, so no one had any idea.  My husband and I put off getting another one, that kind of just left a bad taste for us.

My daughter wanted to name him cupcake (and if he was a she - we would so go with that name), but we decided on Tugg.
-Mamma G- 


  1. Awww he's so cute! We almost adopted another dog this week but it didn't work out. As a side note - Jaxon has a nick name... tugboat!
    Hope he's an easy trainer for you!

  2. He is SO CUTE! When Meg showed me the pic on Sunday my heart melted because he was so adorable! The pics of him with your pug are so cute too :)

  3. Thanks girls. He is definately cutie, and a tugboat (;

  4. What a sweetheart!