Friday, October 29, 2010

Heart Gems

I know you are thinking "what in the world is that?"  Well it has now been entered into the "My Most Prized Pocessions Box". 

My daughter gave me this and said "Here you go mommy, I picked this one out for you.  It's a heart and so I love you".  These little words are incredibly priceless and yet this object without these words is meaningless. 

I was in the car this morning driving to drop Evie off at daycare when I heard this little voice speak these words.  Thankfully she said this as we stoped at a red light because I could glance back right away.  I gave Evie my hand and she laid this chocolate gemstone in my palm.  I can't truely explain the feeling that comes over you as a parent when your child does something so precious.  It fills you so competely with joy that it's hard to find the right words to say back to let them know in return how much they just touched your heart.  And often times you have but a split second to communicate this back to them before your interrupted by life going on.  Whether it be the red light changing to green or your child bouncing onto another topic.  As I said, I am thankful for that red light because I was able to look her in the eye and sincerely thank her for the chocolate gem and tell her how much I love her too. 

So I had to promise her that I would not eat this chocolate gem today at work and that I would wait for when I picked her up, but I secretly promised that I would never eat this's too precious.

- Mamma G -

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

  Most people know I like to be thrifty where I can (somethings I just won't budge, sorry).  I am super excitted that I got this entire outfit at a thrift store for next to nothing!  I got the shirt, pants, shoes and the great necklace that matches perfectly.  You can't really see the necklace, so here's a closer pic.
   I love it when I get an awesome deal, as I am sure you do.  And you'd be suprised at the things you can find at thrift shops.  Although I do get some people who will say "Ooo, that's a really cute shirt, where did you get that at?"  and when I reply "At a thrift shop" they will totally give me this eye like "really, and ew".  At that point I sadly feel a little bad for them. 
  My daughter loves when I bring things home for her too.  Now, I realize that one day the teenage years are going to take over my child's life, things will surely flip and she will hate when I bring "used" stuff home for her.  But at this point while it doesn't matter - I'm going to take advantage of it.  Yesterday I found Diego and Cars Leapster games for $2.95 each, and they work perfectly!  Let me tell ya - she was a happy child when I gave them to her and it didn't matter at all where it came from. 
  I will try to post my future thrift store finds and kudos to the treasures that you come across.

- Mamma G -

Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing In The Pumpkin Patch

Dad doing the cuting
We decided to do our official first fall activity this past weekend and we went to a farm that had a crazy amount of farmy things to do.  I was amazed at all of the activities that people could come up with that involved things on farms.  From pumpkin sling shots and panning for gems to a corn maze and hill slides (50+ activities to be more precise).  We had sooo much fun.  Of course I took what seemed to be a thousand pictures of Evie, and made out with some really awesome fall shots.

Besides this being our first fall activity, we also picked pumpkins for the first time.  As soon as we went into the pumpkin patch the first thing Evie said was "I need to pick the perfect pumpkin" (emphasis on perfect).  So we looked all around that pumpkin patch to make sure she found her perfect pumpkin.  The perfect pumpkin had to be round and couldn't have ANY dirt on it.  Which do you know how hard it is to find a pumpking that doesn't have ANY dirt on it?  FYI - we were successful and found not one, but two perfect pumpkins.
One of our perfect pumpkins
We also haaadddd to pan for gems.  Evie really enjoyed doing this - but I think mommy and daddy seem to enjoy it maybe just a little bit more, for some reason.  Never panned before this fall but we really dig it.  Hopefully we're sitting on a goldmine that will make our whole family rich.  I know this is doubtful, but I'm still holding out.
Evie with her gems
- Mamma G -

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Oh, what to blog about...

Well I have major decisions that need major answers.  On the checklist are:
  1.  should we move or stay where we are?
  2.  what school district should we choose
  3.  (is affeted by number 1) if we stay where we are do we send our children
       to that school district or push for the option of going to a different district
  4.  to increase our family size and when
  5.  my husband needs another job - but should he change his career (that could
       involve going back to school)

So, I am anxiously praying for each of these decisions and some guidance on them.  I am truly excited to see what is going to happen in our lives and what changes will be made.  It is scary because these are some huge changes that will be affecting other aspects of our life.  I guess what has gotten the ball rolling on all of this change is my husbands layoff and unsecurity at work.  For 11 years his job has been stable but the last two years have been questionable.  He was laid off once for a short time, was called back, and is currently laid off again.  So needless to say, all of this is intimidating and petrifying the crap out of us.  I really just focus on the good that can come with change and that when one door closes another one is opened.  I am definitely excitted to see what is going to happen in our lives and what changes will be made.

- Mamma G -

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Premier as a Blogger

Hello Blogging World!  This is my official debut to the world of blogging.  I am in no way a writer and I have no writing experience, besides my fabulous personal journal entries.  I do not know if I will like the blogging world or even that I have anything "great" to say.  But life happens to me just as it happens to you, and I want to share it.

- Mamma G -