Friday, October 29, 2010

Heart Gems

I know you are thinking "what in the world is that?"  Well it has now been entered into the "My Most Prized Pocessions Box". 

My daughter gave me this and said "Here you go mommy, I picked this one out for you.  It's a heart and so I love you".  These little words are incredibly priceless and yet this object without these words is meaningless. 

I was in the car this morning driving to drop Evie off at daycare when I heard this little voice speak these words.  Thankfully she said this as we stoped at a red light because I could glance back right away.  I gave Evie my hand and she laid this chocolate gemstone in my palm.  I can't truely explain the feeling that comes over you as a parent when your child does something so precious.  It fills you so competely with joy that it's hard to find the right words to say back to let them know in return how much they just touched your heart.  And often times you have but a split second to communicate this back to them before your interrupted by life going on.  Whether it be the red light changing to green or your child bouncing onto another topic.  As I said, I am thankful for that red light because I was able to look her in the eye and sincerely thank her for the chocolate gem and tell her how much I love her too. 

So I had to promise her that I would not eat this chocolate gem today at work and that I would wait for when I picked her up, but I secretly promised that I would never eat this's too precious.

- Mamma G -

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  1. Hi. I am Emily m. I really enjoyed your post. It brought me to tears and reminded me why I loved working with children. Unfortunately I am not currently in that field, but I wanted to thank you for reminding us all to take a moment.