Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Oh, what to blog about...

Well I have major decisions that need major answers.  On the checklist are:
  1.  should we move or stay where we are?
  2.  what school district should we choose
  3.  (is affeted by number 1) if we stay where we are do we send our children
       to that school district or push for the option of going to a different district
  4.  to increase our family size and when
  5.  my husband needs another job - but should he change his career (that could
       involve going back to school)

So, I am anxiously praying for each of these decisions and some guidance on them.  I am truly excited to see what is going to happen in our lives and what changes will be made.  It is scary because these are some huge changes that will be affecting other aspects of our life.  I guess what has gotten the ball rolling on all of this change is my husbands layoff and unsecurity at work.  For 11 years his job has been stable but the last two years have been questionable.  He was laid off once for a short time, was called back, and is currently laid off again.  So needless to say, all of this is intimidating and petrifying the crap out of us.  I really just focus on the good that can come with change and that when one door closes another one is opened.  I am definitely excitted to see what is going to happen in our lives and what changes will be made.

- Mamma G -

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