Friday, October 22, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

  Most people know I like to be thrifty where I can (somethings I just won't budge, sorry).  I am super excitted that I got this entire outfit at a thrift store for next to nothing!  I got the shirt, pants, shoes and the great necklace that matches perfectly.  You can't really see the necklace, so here's a closer pic.
   I love it when I get an awesome deal, as I am sure you do.  And you'd be suprised at the things you can find at thrift shops.  Although I do get some people who will say "Ooo, that's a really cute shirt, where did you get that at?"  and when I reply "At a thrift shop" they will totally give me this eye like "really, and ew".  At that point I sadly feel a little bad for them. 
  My daughter loves when I bring things home for her too.  Now, I realize that one day the teenage years are going to take over my child's life, things will surely flip and she will hate when I bring "used" stuff home for her.  But at this point while it doesn't matter - I'm going to take advantage of it.  Yesterday I found Diego and Cars Leapster games for $2.95 each, and they work perfectly!  Let me tell ya - she was a happy child when I gave them to her and it didn't matter at all where it came from. 
  I will try to post my future thrift store finds and kudos to the treasures that you come across.

- Mamma G -

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