Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Husband Needs A Murse

It's official - I have decided that my husband needs a murse!  (Murse = Man Purse, for those of you who don't know.)  My husband crams sooo much stuff in his pockets.  He used to wear regular jeans with the 4 pockets, but he has out did them and now only buys carpenter jeans because of all of the pockets to stuff all of his crap.  I have taken a picture of all of the things he stuffs his pockets with on a normal day before leaving the house.  He will come home with loose change, drill bits, tools, screws, tape measure, and the list could go on.
Us women can carry a lot of stuff and I don't know about you - but for me:  the bigger the purse then the more I collect.  I think it's justifyable for us to easily do that because we have the room.  But my hubby doesn't have the room in his pockets and he absolutely refuses to carry a murse, man bag, duffel, cargo bag, guide bag, wallet bag, etc.  I know he has no intentions of cutting back on the things that he carrys with him, so we'll see - I may end up sewing a slew of pockets on his jeans.
Maybe he'll consider a jean purse (I mean bag), it could blend in with his jeans:
Or we could just bring back the MC Hammer pants:
Um no.

-Mamma G-


  1. I vote for the jean bag!! Just don't let him resort to a fanny pack. That's worse than the mc hammer pants I think...

  2. Ooo yeah - definately no fanny packs allowed!