Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Ok, I'm finally posting my Christmas cards for this year.  I didn't want to put them on here until I knew people actually received them.  The pictures don't do them justice at all--you can't get the full effect of the colors and embellishments.  They aren't real fancy, but I was so tickled with myself for doing a pop-up Christmas card.  So here it goes.  The front:
The "Merry Christmas" was stamped and then embossed with white powder, those three little dots are little pearly gems that look fabulous with the colors of my cards.  I did use different patterned papers so all of my Christmas cards are different.
The inside:
I also stamped and embossed the words on the inside.  The Christmas trees are stamped, embossed with golden stars on the tops and then just colored here and there with colored pencils.

I love them.  I already have my idea for next years Christmas cards and I will be starting on them once Christmas is over so I can get a jump on them.  I'm thinking I'm going to do less stamping because it is very time consuming and more of using my Cricut machine instead.

-Mamma G-

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