Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next Major Accomplishment in Craftiness: Handmade Gift Card Holders

Ok, a few weeks ago I posted my first handmade card on here because I was so excited that I actually did it - after talking about making my own cards for like EVER!  I know I mentioned about making my own Christmas cards (I have them almost done to post), but in the meantime I made my own handmade gift card holder and I'm so excited about it that I had to share my next adventure in the card making excursion on here too.

I do have to admit that the concept is not mine, but it is entirely designed and layed out by me.  I know the colors are kind of hard to see, but all I used was Christmas patterned paper, funky scissors and a stamp for the inside.  The tree and holly berries have this awesome glitter shimmer that is a little hard to see.  But notice the gift card pocket - that's what I'm tickled the most about.  (;  The front:

And here is the inside:
I can't wait to give this away for Christmas (not so much the gift card but the actual card - tehe).

-Mamma G-


  1. Hey can you teach me how to do all this neat scrapbooking stuff??????

  2. Absolutely. It would be fun to get together and play around with this stuff!

  3. Very cute! Someone will love getting this more than the gift card :)