Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Well the idea of "holiday traditions" has been on my mind as we roll out of Thanksgiving and onto Christmas.  I thought that we didn't really have any traditions as a family and I started to try and think of some traditions to start that can be passed down...but I realized that maybe I don't really appreciate the ones we currently have.  I didn't realize that we do have some traditions (some new and some from childhood) that we are repeating every year without ever noticing it.  Most of our traditions are at Christmas, so I would like to come up with some things for other times throughout the year.  I just feel like traditions should just kind of happen and be fun.  I don't feel like they should be forced or stressful - that takes the enjoyment out of them.  Some of our winter/Christmas traditions are:
  • We drive around and look at Christmas lights and then head inside for some hot chocolate.  I love this tradition and this is definately a childhood tradition.  My mom used to drive my brother and I around to look at lights and I can remember her making us hot chocolate (sometimes I'd just eat the chocolate like Fun Dip).
  • Decorating the tree is a family event.  I can remember doing this as a child as well.  We were all around to decorate the tree.  I remember playing Christmas music too.  Granted my daughter is 4 and has been at home for every tree decorating event - I plan to keep it that way with her and any future children.
  • Going sledding.  When I was younger my mom would take my brother, me and Max (our lab dog) to a local school that has a huuuggee hill behind it.  It was open to anyone so whenever it snowed there was always someone there.  I can remember having sooo much fun doing this.  I want to start this tradition with my family, but I know we can't go to that school anymore because it is gated off.  I am not sure of any place in our area where we can just pick up and go like we used to.  I need to find out if I know of someone who has a huge hill that will let us do this.  I know we can go to a ski resort - but it just doesn't feel the same.  Kind of like ice skating on a pond versus the rink - not the same.
  • This year I have actually started to make my own Christmas cards.  I hope to keep this tradition going in the future.  It has been work, but not stressful and I've enjoyed the time with my daughter while working on these.
  • And lastly my parents have started a tradition with us kids and our families and that is to make gingerbread houses all together (one house per family).  I don't know why we ever waited this long to make these - they are so much fun to make!
So, thinking of these "traditions" that we are already doing has made me appreciate them even more.  There are a few I am bating around on adding to Christmas, but more so throughout the year.  I don't want to feel like the only things we are passing down to our children are:  tv, laptops, video games and smartphones .  It's important to have things in your family that make your family unique and special to one another.  I love to hear about family traditions (unique, funky, traditional, whatever).  I really think it adds character to a family.  So feel free to share your traditions!

-Mamma G-

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  1. Those sounds like such fun traditions!

    So that's where the gingerbread thing got started. The first year Dru and Meg were engaged and living at my house he was all about gingerbread houses. I even bought him one, but he just left it sit in the box. I was like, "Dude. Seriously? You yak my ear off about gingerbread houses and I finally get you one..." Hahaha!

    We are started a few new ones this year too. I made an advent calendar for the first time and we're baking cookies at my mom's house this weekend. It's fun starting new traditions while keeping some of the old ones also :)