Monday, November 22, 2010

Mom's Life Monday

Mrs. Mootz at A{muse}-ing Mommy On a Pink Park Bench has me thinking on her meme today and I'm kind of stumped.  Today's prompt is:  Moms: 99% of the time you're sure your kids are yours and the hospital didn't make a mistake. However, is there ever a time when you're just not sure where Junior got THAT trait from?

I honestly am having a difficult time coming up with some things that Evie does or traits that make us say "hm, I wonder where that came from?"  I literally had to ask Pappa G (that doesn't make me a bad parent!), but he couldn't come up with anything either.

So I will say the number one thing that would make us wonder IF my daughter (or any of my children) "inherits" would be my husbands ears.  I am not going to explain them.  You people who know him - know what I'm talking about.  And I'm sure for those of you who may ever meet him - you will surely be looking in the future.  And I understand that IF she inherited them - we know the source.  But not reeeaally....we have no clue where my husband got them from.  He's the lucky one where they just showed up.

His ears are unique, one-of-a-kind, and strangely peculiar.  But they are fantastically on the man who is all mine.  I did ask my sis-in-law if anyone knows where they came from, just to be completely sure on this.  And her response was "They are some strange ears that look absolutely beautiful on my niece."  Soooo, apparently Little G has already inherited part of her daddy's ears and I just didn't admit it to anyone.

-Mamma G-


  1. Thank you for participating!!

    That's good that Evie has no traits that are unexplainable. With Lil Mootz I'm all worried that I'll screw up his "calm" trait. I'm glad he isn't as uptight as Bill and I, but at the same time I have no idea what to expect from a trait that Bill and I definitely don't have.

    I've never noticed his ears.'re right. I'm definitely going to be looking next time. Haha!

  2. Too funny! Lots of guys have wierd ears -- and I have think of much worse traits to pass along!